Mohammad Moazzen was born in Iran, Tehran in 1986 and started to develop his passion for playing the guitar as a teenager and was influenced by his brother’s work Mohsen Moazzen who was at the time playing Classic Guitar.So he started learning classical Guitar from his brother in 1999.

His abiding ambition drove him to seek learning Flamenco Guitar with Bahram Aqha-Khan , and showing early promise as musical talent. Although Flamenco music was not publicly known and had scarce resources, his endeavor was soon paid off, and he joined Persianas Concert group as guitar player.

In addition to his work, he also pursued learning classic harmony from Mohammadreza Rahimi to deepen his knowledge and understanding of his work, as well as, Palmas playing which was one of his own individual research, another proof to his unwavering dedication.

Mohammad Moazzen, Vafa Mesbahi and Mohammad Reza Raeesi founded Kooch music band in 2011. Profiting their own experiences in Spanish Flamenco and Iranian traditional music. He composing and arranging some of Kooch Band’s song for recording the album and live concerts.

Being greatly passionate about flamenco music, he deeply researched flamenco harmony from reliable resources and acquired deep understanding of this music. The result was a book, entitled ” Flamenco Harmony” which will be published in Persian language.Another book entitled “five pieces for Guitar” which is in cooperation with Bahram Aqha-Kahn and published in 2015.


  • Live Concert, Kooch Band,Tehran, 2018
  • Barbad Award nominee at Fajr Music Festival 2018
  • Guitar Festival,Rudaki Hall,Tehran 2008
  • Persianas Concert, Farabi Hall,Tehran, 2010
  • Fajr Music Festival, Arrasbaran,Tehran, 2012
  • Live Concert, Kooch Band,Tehran, 2012
  • Kooch Music Band,Music Cafe, Tehran, 2013
  • Commemorate of Paco De Lucia, Ivan Shams Hall,Tehran, 2014
  • The Session of Flamenco Music, Ivan Shams Hall, Tehran, 2014
  • Live Concert, Kooch Music Band,Ivan Shams, Tehran, 2014
  • jury member of Caspian Guitar Competition, 2016
  • Live Concert, Kooch Music Band, Reesheha charity, 2016


  • Five Pieces For Flamenco Guitar, 2015
  • Palmas playing, Coming Soon
  • Harmony For Flamenco Guitar, Coming Soon